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From The International Overseer

Greeting to all of our people around the world, it is with gladness that I wrote to you today regarding the goodness of the Lord. This is the Lord’s Day and we are to be glad and rejoice in it! I have noticed that too many are spending time in worry about God’s business and trying to determine what He is doing with His Church. We never have to worry about whether we are to pay tithes or not, that is God’s money and if you want to keep it for yourself then you can and He will bill you for it later. You will never have to worry about it, because that is His business and He will take care of it for you. The Church is like that also, he will have a Church and the membership is His business also, you can’t get into it accidentally, because it is Christ who puts you in or takes you out. Someone said, “Is His Church going under?” NO, It is going up, but it will be on His calendar not ours. Since we don’t have to worry about that anymore let’s just work with all our might and wait on the Lord to do His will for us. He will build His Church because that is what we find in the Bible, out job is to preach the “Kingdom” and work that others will be saved and He will add them to His Church by placing them in the Body as it pleases Him.


Special Notice:


It has come to our attention that some are claiming to represent The Church of God who has no authority to do so and some confusion is being caused throughout the world, because of their false claims. The following men are no longer with The Church of God of NC: Roger D. Tidwell, Keith D. Murphy, and John A. Pultz. We must warn you that if you are approached by these men please keep in mind that they are not a part of our work and are without authority to represent us. They have no charter in the United States of America and cannot legally issue minister license nor establish churches until they have been issued a charter and in full compliance with the laws of the United States.


John A. Wilkins, Jr.,

                                                                                                     International Overseer