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Our Mission throughout the world is the same mission which Christ had, to seek and to save the lost souls. 
"For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10
The rest which Jesus Christ offers to everyone is available only by believing on Him and allowing Him to be the Lord of your life.
While it is FREE to us it cost Him His life on Calvary, we are bought with the price of His blood!

We have a message of deliverance and hope for fallen man all over the world and we need our prayer partners and financial partners in order to accomplish our goals. Presently we are working in many countries of the world and without your gifts of love we would not be able to continue to reach these wonderful people for Christ and His Church.
One of our dreams is to build the school and orphanage in Nigeria, Africa where their government has donated some 60 acres of land for this purpose. It will be here at many children will receive both spiritual training and secular schooling to help them pull themselves up into a new world.
We know God's love and provisions await us in this project and we will report its success soon by His help and yours.

You are loved by Him this very moment and He will see you through if you will only believe on Him!

For the success of His Church,

 John A. Wilkins, Jr.,

International Overseer