Assembly Band Movement

Assembly Band Movement ® plus design are the registered property of The Church of God of NC, Inc. 

The Church of God of NC supports and carries out the ASSEMBLY BAND MOVEMENT program.  This is a program that promotes the use of non-ordained ministers to minister to the church, the people of the church, and the community in general.  The church and the ASSEMBLY BAND MOVEMENT program endeavor to identify those individuals in our church that are suitable to assume this important role and through teaching, education and encouragement these people are able to fulfill the vision of the ASSEMBLY BAND MOVEMENT program. They are able to minister to a wide range of people in and out of the church.  You may donate by clicking on our DONATE button on our home page by using the major credit cards listed there or by mailing a check or money order as instructed. The church devotes considerable resources to this valuable program and donations can be received and specifically requested to be applied to this religious program.